Alumiconte is as big as my ideais!

When we discovered the real meaning of “being big”, we understood that value is the size of our dreams.

The history of Alumiconte began with Ari and Mauri Conte and the combination of their talents to found Esquadrias Conte, a company of wood frames marked by the motivation and the hard work of these two brothers. Due to lack of suppliers for components and accessories necessary to produce such products, a new idea began to shape the trajectory of the business partners.

Thus, the brothers resumed the production of their first aluminium products, still using manual labour. The search for improvement produced daily gains until the company became Alumiconte Componentes de Alumínio in 1988. Today, after years of experience, Alumiconte is the only Brazilian company to produce profiles and blinds in the same plant, supplying furniture, industry and civil construction sectors.

Our portfolio comprises over 4,500 items with several options of textures and colours, as well as our own processes of anodizing and electrostatic painting and product finishing. In addition to this the company stands out for product quality and services, the result of founder Ari Conte and all those who are part of the productive process, creating solutions that perfectly adapt to projects.

Sustainability is one of the great Alumiconte compromises, therefore we have an Effluent Treatment Plant which takes care of 100% of the volume generated by the company, besides this,  our team, directed by our Managing System,  daily dispose of solid waste correctly for recycling .

A factory is made of people more than machines.. Integrating, forming, engaging such team of people is our largest challenge… this is the meaning of our growth. - Ari Conte, Founder of Alumiconte.

People’s role in a company is paramount for everything to work optimally, therefore, Alumiconte values all who help the company to write its history, creating a quality workplace for all team members.

Valuing the workplace and making products focusing on quality, versatility and durability are the main factors that make Alumiconte an outstanding company.

  • Mission

    Offer solutions in aluminium products to meet various demands.

  • Values

    - Respect and value people

    - Client satisfaction

    - Ethics

    - Integrity

    - Relations simplicity

    - Collaboration

    - Sustainability

  • Vision

    To be recognized as the main brand in our marketplace.

Política de Gestão

  • 1

    Developing team members to become qualified professionals;

  • 2

    Promoting a safe and healthy workplace,

  • 3

    Meeting clients’ and interested parts’ demands, including legal applicable requirements, aiming at clients’ satisfaction;

  • 4

    Using resources rationally by means of reducing waste and residue and use environment controls to enhance environment protection and prevent pollution.

  • 5

    Promote ongoing efficacy of our quality and environment management systems.

ISO and implementing process

The challenge to maintain Alumiconte as a company of excellent is a great one. A large step in this direction started when implementing rules to reach international certifications ISO 90001:2015 (quality) and ISO 1411:2015 (environment). Obtaining these two certificates means that the company follows international protocols in its functioning, which take into consideration quality management of products and the care with the environment during production.

We believe that this is a moment of extreme importance, an extra milestone in another chapter of Alumiconte history success.

Alumiconte is as big as my ideais!


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